A Checklist For Moving Out Of Your Rental

by Kathy Johnston | Jun 14, 2021 | Renting | Return|

The process of moving out of your home is time-consuming and many people often forget certain steps. Creating a checklist for packing and cleaning is one of the easiest ways you can stay organized and reduce stress. To simplify your move, the Iron Eagle Property Management team has created a list with a few of the most important things to remember while moving! 

Perform A Deep Cleaning

The easiest way to ensure you will get your full security deposit back is to leave the house the same or better than when you moved in. This often involves a thorough level of cleaning to remove any stains or smells that may have accumulated during your residency. There are many things you could do during the cleaning process but there are a few that have higher priority than the rest.

Touch-Up Paint

No matter how careful you are when you move furniture in and out of your home, a scratch or scuff somehow always ends up on the walls and trim. Some of these scuffs can be removed with a Magic Eraser or some soap and water. If the scratch is deeper and took some paint off the wall, you can take a swatch from your wall to get it matched at your local paint store. 

Have The Carpets Professionally Cleaned

This tip is especially important if you have had pets in your rental. Even if you don’t think there are any smells, a new person who walks into your home may think differently. Smells from wet paws can soak into the carpet and they can be hard to remove. Getting your carpet professionally cleaned and shampooed is the most effective way to remove stains and smells. 

Scrub The Kitchen And Bathrooms

Gunk and grime can build up around sinks, drains, and tubs and make your home appear much more worn down than it actually is. There are many tried and true products that people swear by that are perfect for all rooms in the house. Although it is wise to clean all rooms in your home, bathrooms and kitchens see the most traffic and need the deepest cleaning. 

Pack Room By Room

Life gets busy and the next thing you know you have to pack your entire house in one night. When this happens, you usually end up throwing everything in miscellaneous boxes. As an alternative to this, try packing one room at a time starting right when you know you will be moving. If you start even a month in advance of your move, then you will be able to organize more effectively and reduce the stress of the move. Additionally, packing room by room will make your relocation to your next home easier because you will be able to coordinate the boxes with each room and eliminate losing items throughout the move! 

Complete Small Repairs

Whether it be a running toilet or a clogged drain, it’s smart to make these small repairs before the property manager checks your home. It is a much cheaper solution to buy the kit and fix it yourself than risk losing a chunk of your security deposit. There are usually videos or guides that can help you through simple home repairs. 

One thing to note is that if something was broken when you moved in you should have notified your property manager or taken photos so you have proof. If they were aware of this damage then you are not responsible for fixing it and they cannot take the money out of your security deposit. 

Discard Of Garbage And Donations

Sorting through your belongings and donating items you no longer use makes packing much more efficient. It cuts down the number of boxes you will have to move and lighten the overall load you will have to later unpack in your new home. The belongings that you are getting rid of can be donated to your local thrift stores and churches to be passed on to people in need. If you have items that will not be useful for other people, taking them to a landfill or a public dumpsite ensures your property manager won’t have to discard them later.  

Moving checklists are great for staying organized and ensuring your belongings are taken care of and all necessary cleaning and repairs are completed. If you are looking to move out of your current property and would like to rent a home, the Iron Eagle Property Management team is here to help. Contact us today and we can help you find the perfect rental for you and your family!