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HOA management is a service that deals with the full-time management of homeowners associations. Third-party management is used by many condominiums, townhomes, and other mutual interest communities to assist the homeowner's association in fulfilling its responsibilities. Based on the manager chosen and the contract agreed, the manager may assume all of the HOA's responsibilities or play a minor part. In any situation, the manager's authority stems from the HOA's ability to act.

hoa management in boise

Role of an HOA

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The rights granted to the homeowner's association by the covenants, bylaws, and restrictions determine its function in your neighborhood. In general, the HOA will be responsible for the upkeep of the property's shared facilities and provide shared services.

It is also in charge of collecting dues, paying bills with them, and managing the reserve fund, which preserves money for significant needs. HOAs also police the community's rules and manage conflicts among residents.

HOA Management

Because HOAs are governed by boards of community members who volunteer to perform their obligations, many HOAs hire a professional third-party management agency to aid them with their wide range of tasks. In general, an HOA management company should be in charge of:

  • To execute their responsibilities, advise, and consult with the board of directors.
  • Carry out the board of directors' decisions, directions, and policies.
  • Document the association's accounting and non-accounting transactions, operations, and records.

The board is responsible for making decisions, while the HOA managers handle dues collecting, maintenance, and vendor payments and serve as the primary point of contact for homeowners.

The particular roles of an HOA management company can be broken down to:

  • Administrative Services
  • Accounts Receivable Management
  • Site Management
  • Accounting Services

An experienced manager will operate as the community's primary contact for HOAs that work with an HOA management business. An HOA manager will be a community management specialist with a good understanding of navigating any scenario that a community may face through adequate communication. A well-structured HOA management team will be able to give immediate assistance as well as:

  • Attend and schedule board meetings.
  • Monthly management reports are required.
  • Ensure that the community's rules and regulations are followed consistently.
  • Assist the board in developing an annual budget.
  • Reply to homeowner inquiries as soon as possible.

Collecting delinquent accounts is something that a professional HOA management company will be pretty familiar with. They'll be up to speed on state collection laws and ensure that the notices delivered to delinquent owners meet those standards.

The importance of site management in property management cannot be overstated. Home values may suffer as a result of failure to obey HOA regulations as the entire neighborhood may be seen negatively. To fight this, the board of directors and management company should be conversant with the association's rules and ensure that they are followed uniformly by all members.

Iron Eagle Property Management Can Help

If residents, HOA boards, and property managers can all get on the same page, understand their roles, and cooperate, the community will continue to improve. Now that you have an idea of what HOA management is, feel free to reach out to us today, and we'll help you with your HOA management.

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hoa management in boise

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Iron Eagle has gone above and beyond to meet all of my needs. Kathy and Amber are absolutely wonderful, and they are very attentive to making sure the property receives the attention it deserves. I highly recommend them, whether you’re looking for a team to trust with your investment or are looking for a rental with a property management team that will do right by you. When it comes to tenant and property owner needs, the team at Iron Eagle are a step above the rest! Thank you to the team for being so wonderful!

Dakota Brown

five star property management in boise

Iron Eagle have been awesome in the time that I’ve been a tenant with them! Kathy and her team are very responsive when I have any questions or concerns, and I’ve had a great renting experience so far. Would highly recommend!!!

Jensen Crary

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