Don’t Hesitate to Rent

by Kathy Johnston | Apr 29, 2021 | Renting | Return|

It’s no secret that Boise, Idaho has one of the fastest growing housing markets in the US. The area’s affordable cost of living, quality of life, and average income growth are just some of the reasons the Boise Metropolitan Area is becoming so populated. However, that rapid growth will inevitably lead to higher housing prices, which is why now is the time to secure your rental!

Affordable Cost of Living

The correlation between cost of living and the housing market in large metropolitan areas, specifically in the Pacific Northwest, is drastic. Comparable to Seattle and Portland, low interest rates and uncrowded communities is attracting people from all over, but the cost of living in the Treasure Valley remains the same (for now). There is a large increase in population, but studies show that Boise’s cost of living index is 100, the US average. Because people are getting a big city experience without a high cost of living, Boise is one of the top places in the country to live in right now. Although the demand in the housing market is high, Iron Eagle Property Management has tons of housing options available for rent. 

Quality of Life

With the abundant family-friendly activities and safe neighborhoods, the “City of Trees” is one of the top spots to raise a family or retire to. From waterparks to zoos to leisurely walking trails, Boise will not let you down on a free day. However, the local housing market will continue to grow, meaning rental properties will become increasingly popular.

Average Income Growth

Seemingly in sync with the housing market, the job market is also constantly growing. Boise’s overall growth index ranks third in the nation. Compared to other metropolitan areas Boise has more job opportunities, meaning new movers will have more employment possibilities than most other cities. When you decide to rent in the Boise area, choosing the right rental in your preferred budget is a key piece of the puzzle. Boise’s income growth rate is higher than average, so here is a list of occupations and their salaries that could make your budgeting easier. 

Why the Time Is Now

Right now is the prime opportunity to rent in the Boise metropolitan area because of the supply and demand of the housing market. Boise’s affordable cost of living and average income growth makes it easier to rent without going through the entire home buying process. Whether you’re retiring from your career or about to start a family, the big city atmosphere without traffic or crowdedness is what gives the City of Trees a fantastic quality of life. If you’re looking for rental resources, Iron Eagle Property Management has a few tips for you to get on the right track of the rental process.